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Girl from America, what's your name?

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You looked at me and promptly looked away
I could see your rosy cheeks
Did I make you blush?

Princess on a high castle
How can you even spare me a glance

Our last talk was nothing short of a miracle
Everyone wanted to talk to you and even now
On Mrs Lawerence's tea party
You're the center of attention

I look at your blonde hair almost touching your back
And think it glistens in this afternoon sun
Oh how I wish I was those sunbeams
Warming your back and ligthing up only you

You excuse yourself from the table
Surprsing Mrs McKinley didn't grab your arm for you to stay
You come to me and say
"Do you mind accompaining me?"

Something besides the tea turns warm
I get up and follow you
This house isn't yours but you know where you're going
Have you been here before?

We enter the greenhouse
You blend in perfectly

"Did you know there's a love,
that dare not speak it's name?"
American Girl how do you know english poems?
My question is left unasked, when you kiss me
Your question is answered, when I kiss back

With me holding your hands
We stop and give a nervous laugh
I'd go to America if it meant love like this
Wouldn't go without speaking it's name
But when we kiss again
I'm reminded this love has no name anywhere

I stare into your blue eyes and trip,
"I'm glad our love is the same"
You knew the risk you took
And I can't help but be nervous for you
But just like I did to you,
you kiss my hand
And I trust you.