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  1. But why is it better, though? No one has ever explained what an app would be able to do that the website doesn't do already. It just seems pointless and redundant.

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    1. I've never searched for an app for AO3 but I also read on and have used their (third party??) app to be able to read fanfiction offline.
      The reason is I was traverling for nearly 3 years and I didn't have access to a constant or stable internet connection. So I made sure to have enough storries available offline to tidy me over untill I had a connection again. Very usefull if your waiting for a bus in the middle of nowhere for hours on an end.
      That said, I don't think most people asking for it would look for it for this reason :-). But then again I could imagine an APP being able to remember where you where in the story where as to my knowledge a website doesn't.
      I'm not saying it should be created, I use calibre/FFF download now, but I can see why people would look for it.

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      1. If you want to save stories for offline viewing, you can download them. There are download buttons on every (?) fic up on AO3.

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        1. I know, I was just replying, because some people do not understand the need for an app and I was explaining why I did found it useful .
          However about the download option, you can download the story from the site, but it won't allow you to go through a library kind of interface searching for a specific pairing or fandom and an app does. I personally have a very extended library incl. regular e-books and follow a few different fandoms from different sites. It depends on my mood or even my suroundings.
          But like I said I use Calibre to keep track so I don't need a seperate App, still I understand why people think it could be useful.

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