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  1. Right, I'm saying it could use a good comprehensive user-focused update as well. Ontology management begins at the source!

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    1. Hi again,

      Given that tagging culture varies from fandom to fandom, as well as other variables, AO3 doesn't instruct users on how to tag their works. The exception to this being the categories enforced under the TOS, which are fandom, language, and warnings. The "How do I tag my works to make them easy to find?" question in the Tags FAQ is the closest we are likely to get to this.

      AO3 Docs

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      1. Why do you think tagging culture makes it impossible to enable people to do better? That culture doesn't go away in the event AO3 makes clearer, better-reasoned suggestions (with detailed examples) about good practices and puts them front and centre, ESPECIALLY for first time posters.

        At the moment, the doc link in the additional tags help Modal on the new work page doesn't even RESOLVE properly, so I hope you'll forgive me if I don't believe this aspect of the UX has received a lot of care and attention.

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