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  1. Hello! Could we make AO3 have book covers and maybe make the site look newer? Thanks.

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    1. What would make the site look newer?

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    2. sasuimut

      Well, currently AO3 hasn't had the capability to host images yet, since it's related to server space and day to day operational cost. This is why AO3 hasn't hosted fanarts yet.

      Oh, and by they way, what do you mean by making the site look newer?

      Last Edited Tue 01 Dec 2020 01:14AM EST

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      1. I think they mean they want AO3 to look like FF.Net along with a site facelift. Which is kinda ew imo (about FFNET).

        Last Edited Tue 01 Dec 2020 05:08PM EST

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        1. I don’t think that would make it look newer at all. FFN is permanently stuck looking like it did twelve years ago.

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    3. Killua (hunter x hunter), with QEM cat

      (I do volunteer for org but not in this area).

      For what it's worth, the ao3 website is pretty easy to restyle if you want to modify it to better suit your needs. There's the inbuilt skins you can use to set up dark mode and similar as a user FAQ here:
      For non-logged in users you can use a script or a program to change how it looks on your computer and then use a userscript. Some of the userscripts that have been designed by other people are here: (You can use this with Stylus: )

      You can also use the skins to hide certain types of tags and similar.

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