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  1. Definitely looking forward to more complete documentation on Prompt Memes!

    I ran one for curiousity's sake during a lockdown earlier this year and it was a group learning process. Here's the information about what we tried to do, for anybody curious, as well as thoughts on AO3 prompt memes and the amazing amount of things that went wrong:

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    1. How does the new documentation linked above compare with your experience? Anything you would change/add to the new how to article?

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      1. First- that project was in May and 2020 has been like three decades long so I'm honestly going off of frazzled memories and what's in the comments of those links. I had meant to write up a Support request with more information but frazzled-essential-worker-2020-augh and all that. (Besides, I have a Support request outstanding from, like, three years ago and I'd kinda figure the Prompt Meme feature was kind of dead in the water/low priority and didn't want to lump more on them.)

        Anyway-- and in no order-

        in the second post, when I went to delete the experiment, I found that I couldn't. I had found no documentation (and I still see none?) that a prompt meme has to be empty to be deleted (unless that has been altered since then- I haven't tried again, because the whole thing just hit "ludicrous failure funny" and all of the above frazzled-ness) which was not intuitive. Another person had to point this out and they'd only discovered it by accident. The "help" message of "We couldn't delete that right now, sorry! Please try again later." certainly didn't point to anything I could change in order to delete the whole thing. Documentation seems to mostly focus on deleting individual prompts.

        "[AO3-4634] - It used to be possible for all logged in users to access the "Unposted Claims" page of a prompt meme challenge. Now this list of all claims is restricted to the challenge mods." - remains a very new fix and I still see constant misinformation that everybody can see claims. I'd probably add a line at the end of mentioning that non-mod participants cannot view claims that are not their own or something.

        Honestly I'm not sure if there is any way to document this: entire set of errors, but they did seem to be repeatable. That's likely more something to be documented as a bug?

        But just skimming thru, overall, the documentation seems pretty clear. I don't have the previous information at hand to compare it to. I'd probably add further clarification to the section involving tag sets, basically because both options (tag set or no) impose some hefty limitation on a prompt meme and can feel like fighting uphill.

        And, the thought nobody asked for:
        I think if there was anything I'd change about the actual parameters on the feature, I'd give the meme's creator a far higher number of prompts. As I'd mentioned somewhere, I had wanted to bring over old prompts from a LiveJournal community and there are far more than fifty prompts. I can see limiting member prompts, and where a cap might be a code limitation, but it's frustrating from the viewpoint of someone wishing to preserve those prompts and maybe get them some new attention.

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