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    That is very encouraging to hear - thank you to to everyone working on it!

    If you are updating the information about tag sets, I'd be very grateful if you'd update the information about the batch loading tool, as the current text obscures one of its helpful features.

    Currently, this explanation of the Batch Load tool [] claims it only works on canonical tags. This is not true.

    In case it's helpful, I've drafted some additional text that clarifies another thing you can do with Batch Load, including some examples. Please don't feel any obligation to use it - edits are of course welcome - but if you could cover this feature, it would save future mods much scrolling.


    suggested text:

    Although the Batch Load tool only allows you to add tags to the tag set if they are canonical, it can be used to efficiently associate any tags that are in your tag set, canonical or not. To create associations between multiple tags at once, first use the Edit page to add fandoms, characters, and relationships (possibly using a comma-delimited list to add several at once), then, in the Batch Load screen, input the tags you want to associate with their fandoms as if you were adding them to the tag set for the first time.


    For example, to quickly add and associate noncanonical characters to the canonical fandoms "Oz - L. Frank Baum" and "Marvel Cinematic Universe", you could go to the Edit page and add to Fandoms:

    Oz - L. Frank Baum,Marvel Cinematic Universe

    and add to Characters:

    Chaotic Neutral Witch of the Northeast,Changeable Witch of the West-Northwest,Stovetop Rogers,Toaster Oven Rogers

    This will cause the two Witch and Rogers characters to appear in Unassociated Characters and Relationships at the bottom of your tag set.

    Then, in the Batch Load screen, enter one fandom per line, as so:

    Oz - L. Frank Baum,Chaotic Neutral Witch of the Northeast,Changeable Witch of the West Northwest
    Marvel Cinematic Universe,Stovetop Rogers,Toaster Oven Rogers

    and submit in order to associate four noncanonical characters at once with their desired fandoms.

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    1. Hi Morbane,

      Thanks for taking the time to provide such specific feedback! We appreciate it, and will ensure this use of the Batch Tool feature is covered in our next revision of the Tag Sets FAQ.

      AO3 Docs

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      1. A monkey and a penguin, in fancy hats, holding paws/flippers

        Thank you so much! I'm really happy to hear that.

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